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Pro BMX Athlete Nigel Sylvester Amongst Notable Participants in “Major” Taylor Upcoming Documentary.


For Immediate Release: October 23, 2023

WHIRLWIND is an upcoming documentary about Marshall “Major” Taylor, the world’s fastest man on a bike in the 19th century. Major Taylor, a Black cyclist, won the World Cycling Championship title in 1899.

WHIRLWIND director and producer, Cyrille Vincent, reached out to international professional BMX athlete, Nigel Sylvester, and invited him to participate in the upcoming documentary about Major Taylor. Sylvester was already sold on Major Taylor’s story and immediately agreed. Sylvester thinks it is uncommon to see sports legend's legacy last more than a century after their death.

WHIRLWIND's film Poster

Born in Queens, New York, from immigrant parents, Sylvester picked an atypical career for a young black man. His parents hailed from Grenada and wanted their son to go to college and have a traditional working career. But Sylvester had his eyes set on a different career, professional cycling.

Nigel and some of his famous friends

(NAS, Dj Khaled, Justin & Corry Williams, Pharrell Williams and Garyvee)

Early in life, Sylvester fell in love with cycling, particularly BMX riding. It was a way to express his creative imagination and escape the routine life in the Big Apple. Sylvester is a dreamer, but unlike most dreamers, his two feet hit the ground or should we say, the pedals. While he is living out his dreams, we are honored to have him be a part of the untold Major Taylor story.

Sylvester does not compete, but carved out a unique career by creating digital content showcasing his rare BMX stunts. His film series, Go, gives viewers a first hand account of his riding prowess in various places around the world.

When Sylvester is not doing stunts, you might find him autographing his own sneaker from Nike, an honor held by a short list of athletes. Or you may find him working with the world’s largest bank, JPMorgan Chase, to teach kids in Harlem money lessons each week.

Nigel Signing his book GO for Cyrille Vincent, the Director and Producer of Whirlwind

Sylvester first learned about Major Taylor through a collaboration with a popular liquor brand in 2018. Before then, like many others, he did not know about Major Taylor's historic accomplishments. He wanted to know more about the cycling trailblazer from the late 1800’s and started doing research.

While learning about Major Taylor, Sylvester realized there were many interesting similarities between his personal career and Major Taylor's journey. Sylvester signed his first professional contract at 18 years old. Major Taylor was the same age when he entered his first professional race. This was the infamous “Six Day Race” in Madison Square Garden in December 1896.

Nigel Sylvester and Cyrille Vincent (Whirlwind Director/Producer) exchanging gifts behind the scene of the filming.

Sylvester is famous for his breathtaking tricks on the bike. Major Taylor became popular for doing tricks outside an Indianapolis bike shop where he worked early in his career. Sylvester uses Major Taylor as inspiration. In his own words, ‘‘I want to smash through glass ceilings similar to Mr. Marshall Taylor.’’

On October 7, 2023, Sylvester met with WHIRLWIND's creative team in Brooklyn, New York to film a segment for the upcoming documentary.

Nigel Sylvester and Whirlwind's Cinematographer Luke getting portrait shots on set .

The material captured will be used for WHIRLWIND.

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