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Volunteers needed for a Major Taylor's film production involving cycling celebrity in New York-Oct7.

Whirlwind, the upcoming film documentary about legendary cyclist Major Taylor is only possible because of the generosity and good will of a network of people around the world.

Current circumstances in the film industry have made it almost inevitable for the filmmakers to go the independent route with this film documentary project.

But as we all know, the independent path is perhaps the hardest way of producing a film nowadays.

This is because unlike major production companies backed by multi national corporations, hedge funds and millionaires, the filmmakers on independent films have to come up themselves with all the resources needed to make the films they are passionate about.

Picture of actor Mike Daniel on the film set portraying Major Taylor in Whirlwind.

For the Major Taylor documentary, it means a lot of challenges as the budget to do it right is quite significant.

It may sound cliché but it really takes a village to make a film especially one that happened in a another century.

But the team that is being put together for the Whirlwind documentary is determine and is working relentlessly to produce and release a critically acclaimed documentary film on the subject.

Presently, Whirlwind team is gearing for a production in New York involving amongst others a bicycle celebrity whose career has been greatly inspired by Major Taylor's prowess.

Signing up as a volunteer for this production or a donation before Oct 5th will allow you to have early access to the identity of the celebrity who will be on set with the film crew.

Cyrille Vincent (Director), Jed Burdick (Producer ) and Luke Zvara (Cinematographer)

on a Whirlwind film set . (From Left to right)

When: Saturday October 7th 2023

Location : Bushwick (Brooklyn) New York (You will receive exact location by email upon registration)

Time : 8am-5pm EST.

*All volunteer will receive a special gift from the filmmakers and lunch will be provided to volunteers who commit for more than 2hrs.

If you are interested to volunteer for this production, please feel out the form below and we will reach out to you within 24hrs.

Because we are always working with a very tight budget, we will also appreciate donations toward this project.

Any act of generosity will be very helpful in making this production less stressful for the filmmakers.

Thanks for your continued support.

Don't forget to watch the video below in which one of Whirlwind's producers explain the film concept and WHY you should join this effort.


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