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We raised $30,786 for ''Whirlwind'' film documentary and this is a recap for you. (Director Notes#1)

Updated: Mar 20

Cyrille Vincent Director of ''Whirlwind'' addressing a small group the film supporters

during a private screening of the trailer concept in the Major Taylor Museum in Worcester (Photo by@Emma_lou33)

We are thrilled to announce that so far, we have raised $30,786 for ''Whirlwind'' film documentary. It seems pretty little compare to $1,200,000 representing the entire film budget from development to Distribution. Nevertheless, I want to take a moment to celebrate this milestone with you.

When I reflect on how we started this journey, I can't avoid to remember my grandmother favorite proverb : '' the longest journey always start with a first step.''

Ken Burns, a prolific documentary filmmaker that I admire take the above proverb a little further with his famous mantra : ''it doesn't matter which one is the first step, it only matter that there is a first step.''

Cyrille Vincent (Director) &Melanie Morris (Yellow Jacket Cycling Group-Boston)

on the film set of ''Whirlwind'' (May 2022) (Photo by@Emma_lou33)

2022 was definitely challenging in many ways, but because of your donations and support, we where able to accomplish a number of important steps that are crucial for the making of the high end historical feature length documentary we are developing.

Amongst the great things we have achieved other than raising money during 2022 was the finalization of the film treatment , the creation of the film Pitch-deck and poster, and the Co-production of a beautiful trailer-concept with the support of a local media production company called Votary Films .

Cyrille Vincent (Director/Executive Producer), Jed Burdick (Co-director/Executive Producer)

and Luke Zvara (Director of Photography) on ''Whirlwind film set (May 2022) -Photo by@Emma_lou33.

I also enjoyed traveling to Indianapolis, the birth place of Major Taylor for the first Major Taylor Convention. The event was a gathering of Major Taylor Cycling Clubs worldwide.

Cyrille Vincent (Director/Executive Producer ) at the Murals in Indiana ,with MTCC's members.

During the 3 days of the convention, I met with several cycling clubs leaders and members who reassured me of their commitment and support to this long awaited film initiative.

I also visited the Indiana State Museum in company of Major Taylor's cycling clubs members to view the exhibition ''Major Taylor: The Fastest Cyclist in The World''.

The convention was the first of its kind since the creation of the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Columbus Ohio in 1979 .

I was gladly surprise of the warm welcomes I got from everyone I met and talked to. It felt like fellowshipping with brothers and sisters from another mother.

My gratitude goes to organizers, especially Damon Richards of Bike Indianapolis and Bill Gaston president of the Major Taylor International Cycling Alliance for facilitating the connections.

Visit at the Indiana State Museum with Kelsey Johnson , Kisha Tandy, Eddie Moffat and friends.

I am incredibly grateful to the Indiana State Museum and the Benjamin Harrison presidential site for allowing me to research their invaluable archives material during my stay in Indianapolis.

In my conversations with people I met in Indianapolis, I was asked many time to describe the film in few words. Nothing appropriate came to my mind except ''A Master Piece.'' Yes; that is what we are attempting to accomplish with this film project. Something characterized by great creativity, historical accuracy and accountability .''

Mike Daniel aka Major Taylor on Whirlwind film set at PXL MLL Studios (June 2022)

During a recent conversation I had with Michael Kranish, an investigative Journalist for the Washington Post and author of Major Taylor biography The World's Fastest Man (2019) , Michael referring to Taylor's story and the film affirmed that :

'This is one of our greatest civil right story, more than sport what Taylor has experienced has no parallel. The theme you've chosen is right on target to make this the broader story.''

Right on! that is exactly what we are trying to accomplish; tell this story in a way that it resinate in people heart all over the world.

Celena Lopez aka Daisy Morris Taylor on the film set of ''Whirlwind'' Photo by @Emma_lou33

I hope to talk more about the film concept , the creative approach, the team and our plans in the upcoming director's notes. I started writing this specific post mainly to give you a summary of the ongoing film fundraising campaign .

The development of ''Whirlwind'' documentary project will cost $236,000.

Funds raised will be used to secure a script writer, veteran producers and a full time research and development team comprised of the director, the costume and set designers, historical advisors and other consultants.

Here is some details about fundings already secured :

National Endowment for the Arts/WAC -$10,000

Rubinstein/Block Charitable Gift Fund- $10,000

Worcester Arts Council- $5,000

Crowdfunding to date- $5,786

In kind services secured valued at : $63,000

Wade Rubinstein (founder of The Bike Connector), Cyrille Vincent (Director of Whirlwind)

and the raffle winner at the Trailer-Concept priva 2022) photo by @Emma_lou33

I will finish this first director's notes by sharing a recent message we received from a now ''Whirlwind'' ambassador called Liza:

'' I wasn’t aware of Major Taylor until I stumbled across your FB page. Riveted by his story and your efforts to bring it to the world! My husband and teenage son are avid (amateur) cyclists and I hope we can help bring your film (and maybe event?) to our local indie theatre (Red River Theaters) in Concord NH when it’s ready.''

Without your generosity, none of this will be possible. Because of you, we will be able to bring the story of Major Taylor to millions of families like Liza's who otherwise will not have heard of this lost story.

Every donation you make matter to us; you can now watch the trailer concept and help make this film possible at :

Thank You .

Cyrille Vincent

(Director/Executive Producer)

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